Linda Rhodes joins the Loyal Board of Directors

Cover Image for Linda Rhodes joins the Loyal Board of Directors
Celine Halioua
by Celine Halioua

I’m excited to share that Linda Rhodes, VMD, PhD, has joined our Board of Directors. There are few people who have the breadth and depth of experience across science, veterinary medicine, and entrepreneurship that Linda does. We’re fortunate to have her as part of the Loyal team.

I have long looked up to Linda and consider her a mentor and a friend. Linda has seen it all — from living and working on a feminist dairy cow commune in California to developing three FDA-approved animal health drugs in five years and sitting on the Board of one of the world largest animal health companies. I am honored to learn from her. 

Linda’s expertise in the science and regulation of developing animal health drugs are invaluable to Loyal. We are at an exciting inflection point — aiming to launch our first product to market next year, LOY-002 for senior dogs. We also continue to develop LOY-001 and LOY-003, the large- and giant-breed therapies in our pipeline. Across our portfolio, we will benefit from tapping into Linda’s experience of bringing novel animal drug therapies to market. 

I’m encouraged by the progress we are making across all aspects of the business toward realizing our mission of helping dogs live longer, healthier lives. And I’m inspired by the trails that Linda has blazed ahead of us. 

Please join me in welcoming Linda to Loyal!