We’re helping dogs like yours live longer
Loyal is recruiting senior dogs to be part of our STAY study — the final effectiveness study for LOY-002, our medication to help dogs live longer and stay healthier as they age.
Ashlinn and Sebastian
Age 12
Age 11
The launch of the STAY study is a major step toward making LOY-002 available to dogs everywhere. This study is designed to provide essential safety and efficacy data to support our product development and FDA approval.
The largest study of its kind
The STAY study is being conducted by vet clinics spanning the US, and will include more than 1,000 dogs. To our knowledge, no one in animal health has run such a diverse and long-running clinical study.
Not all study participants will receive the drug — some will receive a placebo pill instead. This give us a “control” that allows us to identify the actual impact the drug is having compared with dogs who did not receive the drug.
This is the gold standard in safety and effectiveness testing — neither the study participants nor the investigators will know who is receiving the drug or a placebo. This prevents bias in the results.
Developing new medications
Preclinical studies
Early efficacy studies in controlled laboratory environments — proofs of concept that the drug will have the desired effect
Pilot study
A smaller version of the full clinical study that helps us ensure our study is well designed to deliver the safety and effectiveness data we require
Companion dog clinical study
A large-scale nationwide study evaluating the drug’s safety and effectiveness in real-world veterinary settings with pets
FDA approval*
Working with the FDA to review manufacturing, safety, and effectiveness data, our goal is to get the drug approved so vets can prescribe it for your dog
*FDA approval not guaranteed
Age 8
Interested in enrolling your dog in STAY?
To qualify, your dog needs to:
Be 10 years or older
Weigh at least 14 pounds

The study lasts four years. Participating dogs will receive wellness visits and associated lab tests at no cost.

We’ll be opening enrollment at study sites across the country over the coming months. To find a site near you, consult the map below — if there’s a site open for enrollment, contact the site directly at the address or phone number provided.

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Age 8
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Interested in the STAY study?
Thanks for your interest in this clinical study. Your participation is an important step in getting innovative, safe, and effective medications approved for dogs.
Why should my dog and I participate?
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Will my dog get the drug if they participate?
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