Blake Scholl joins the Loyal Board of Directors

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Celine Halioua
by Celine Halioua

I’m excited to share that Blake Scholl, the Founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, has joined our Board of Directors as our first Independent Director.

Blake’s deep expertise in building and scaling a successful, mission-driven business within a highly regulated industry will be both instructive and valuable for Loyal as we grow. 

Loyal hit a number of key milestones over the last twelve months for LOY001 (an implant for large dog lifespan extension) and LOY002 (a daily, tasty pill for old dog lifespan extension):

  • We dosed the first companion dog — Josie, a seven-year-old Mastiff — with one of our aging drugs.
  • We manufactured prototypes of LOY001 and LOY002.
  • We successfully completed the canine aging efficacy data for our two current drug programs, and submitted the LOY001 efficacy package to the FDA.
  • We have over 50 veterinary practices interested in participating in our clinical study of LOY002.

We are running towards hopeful FDA approval of our drug programs, and being able to support veterinarians and pet parents in helping their dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Blake’s operational, commercial, and technical expertise brings immense benefit as we build towards bringing the first dog aging drugs to market.  

We’re delighted he’s joining our Board.

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